Fargo Shanley High School After the Tornado of 1957

Fargo Shanley High School in the aftermath of the 1957 tornado. Use the slider to toggle back and forth between then and now.

The former Shanley High School site is now the parking lot for a private housing development. Seventh Street north was once a through street between 13th and 14th Avenues north, now just the entrance to a parking lot. The water tower on the right edge of the photos above is one of the only recognizable landmarks between the two views.

Shanley High School, 1957

Shanley High School, 1957

Shanley High School, 1957

There’s a lot more about the 1957 Fargo Tornado in the book!

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  1. The picture that you incorrectly identify (the bottom pic here) as Shanley High School, is actually Immanuel Lutheran Church, which is located on the SW corner of Broadway and 13th Avenue North.

    I attended Immanuel Lutheran from my arrival in Fargo (aged 10 months) in December 1955, until I moved to Los Angeles at age 23.

    The church was rebuilt to nearly identical specs, and although a new worship hall was added years later, this structure remains intact today!

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