Luger Furniture and Streetcars

The postcard view shown here depicts the west side of Broadway around 1910, at a time that was perhaps the height of the streetcar era in Fargo. Toggle the slider back and forth to switch between then and now.

The postcard was mailed on May 20th, 1910, to Miss Matilda Anderson in Lyle, Minnesota.

“How are you? We are now at Fargo. Will leave for Marion at 10. It’s so very cold here this morning. We’re having a fine time.” –From Ella

Businesses visible in this view include Alex Stern & Company, the F.W. Woolworths five and dime store, Dakota Trust Company, and Luger Furniture, with a sign that advertises “Furniture, Coffins, and Crockery.”

tracks2Although streetcar service ended in Fargo and Moorhead in 1937, there are still places in downtown Fargo–primarily in unseen alleys–where the remnants of Fargo’s streetcar heritage peek through the weathered and worn asphalt. With the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area approaching a quarter-million residents, one might be tempted to wonder if we’ll see a return of the streetcar one day.

4 Replies to “Luger Furniture and Streetcars”

  1. The tracks in the alleys are railroad track. My father worked at Ed Phillips and Sons in the building with the cowboy painted on it. That was the last building to be served by rail in an alley in Fargo. I have the railcar push handle from the building. The warehouse people had to push the car in place at the door to unload the liquor. I do have a real piece of streetcar track from Broadway. That track has a completely diffetent profile than railroad track.

    1. Fargo had horse-drawn streetcars in the early days, as well as electric and diesel streetcars, Carol. I don’t see any overhead lines here, so I assume this was a diesel streetcar, but I’m no expert on streetcars, so I’m only guessing.

  2. The street car is electric. You can see the rod going up at an angle with what appears to be a wheel that rode on the overhead cable.

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