The Comstock Hotel

A late-fifties view looking northwest from the corner of Center Avenue and 8th Street in Moorhead. The Comstock Hotel advertised individual room thermostats and a “60¢ All You Can Eat” special. Other businesses on the block included the Las Vegas Lounge, Wold Drug, Eddy’s Coffee Shop, Gambles, and Scheels Hardware. The sign for the FM Hotel is barely visible on the left.

Above: Grab the slider with your cursor and slide it back and forth to toggle between yesterday and today.

In January of 2016, Wells Fargo Bank occupies the lot, and everything else is gone.

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    1. Scott Johnson, whose father managed the Comstock, says the hotel burned down in 1960, so we approximated the date based on his recollection. Upon further investigation, the Comstock may have stood a few years longer than that, so you are likely correct. Thanks for the catch.

  1. I also see it hard to believe that the Comstock could have burned in 1960. I was in Moorhead to start college on June 10, 1961 and know it was there then. Left in 1963 for military service and came back for 1 quarter of college in spring of 1965 and think the Comstock was still there then?

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